Sumaco Ñahui: Plain-breasted Hawk

Sumaco Ñahui: Plain-breasted Hawk

The Sumaco was very generous and show me the Plain-breasted Hawk (Accipiter ventralis), which I recorded in the vicinities of the Sumaco Ñahui, while I was exploring the area and lost in imagination,.. very little is known about this medium sized raptor living the in the cloud forest. Watch Video Below

The Sumaco Ñahui

The Sumaco Ñahui is a pioneer conservation program in the area, it breaks paradigm in many directions,  funding an small idea to restore habitat and balance to Life again. Replacing cattle ranches for wildlife habitat.

A Cloudforest Restoration Program

Planting natives trees in the Eastern Cloudforest in Ecuador in a excellent way to approach the challenges coming ahead for all of us.

Planting trees will endure the  vital cycle of water.

Crowdfunding for Conservation

The Crowdfunding  as vital for the future of the Conservation of Nature, Crowdfunding will allow us to think and go for the big ideas in Conservation.

Conservation Timeshare

We sell weeks of stay at this location while you get involve in the process of bringing back the forest.

We will replace these grassland for natives species of trees, shrubs and birds will come.

Sumaco Ñahui is a pioneer conservation program in the area, it breaks paradigm in many directions,  funding an small idea to restore habitat and balance to Life again. Replacing cattle ranches for wildlife habitat.

Cloud Forest Restoration Dream

A Cloud Forest Restoration Dream.


Hi to everyone!!

I always want to help the world to become a better place by showing the beauty of nature especially in the deep lowlands of Rainforest in Ecuador.

During all these years of moving back and for, i watched through a window for an airplane taking off in dirt roads , or taking off in a Boom Towns with oil and palm plantations or public bus riding through out mountains once cover by dark dense forest, same pattern everywhere the nature of our lifestyle is taking over nature styles with an steady speeds; it’s obvious that conservation we are promoting is not working.

I watch the forest in cloudforest shrinking little by our activities, around these areas the sequence of a regular fragmentation in the Cloudforest starting by logging, farming and everything ends with heavy ranching has changed the landscape affecting the local wildlife.

My name is Fernando Vaca, a co-founder of the Shiripuno Amazon Lodge, Thanks to your support, Shiripuno Lodge has become a Wildlife Destination for all kinds of visitors wanting to experience the true wilderness of Amazon Rainforest. Recently, The Waorani People were gracious enough to renew our lease and thus insure our education mission will continue for many years to come.

We are venturing into a new Project in the Cloud Forest, with the idea to restore a deforested area next to Sumaco National Park & Anisana Wildlife Refuge. We want to turn an area damaged by cattle ranching into a Wildlife Sanctuary, We wish to establish a lodge in this area, and at the same time restore the surrounding landscape to its former natural beauty.

We want to show to the world We can CHANGE, We can HELP Our Home to recover, let’s bring forest back from where it has disappeared. I have the confidence. We can do it.. .

One way to be a part of this project is to become a founding member in our Conservation Timeshare Program. This program aims to turn Cattle Ranch Ranches into a Wildlife Sanctuary Educational Site.

I intend to fund this Project through the Advance Purchase of Lodging Services to stay at the new lodging facility. Clients will have five years to redeem their purchase, and can be transfer.

Special Rates for Schools, Families

Check below the area of our project, get involve!

Activities to get involved: Hands-on everyday!

  • Reforestation
  • Wildlife Inventory,
  • Organic Farm
  • Building
  • Education Programs
  • Website
  • Community
  • Arts
  • Yoga

We are set to begin the following programs as soon we get support:

Sumaco Biosphere Reserve

Cloud Forest, Along the Guacamayos Ridge. Telephone, Electricity,Internet, Housekeeping

Yasuní Biosphere Reserve

Amazon Rainforest, Along the Auca Road,Telephone, Electricity,Internet, Housekeeping

You can also help us by sharing this idea with your community of friends.

We appreciate your time and support!

Thank you again,

Fernando Vaca