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Our Conservation Program by Crowdfunding.

The Cloud Forest Restoration Dream Sumaco Ñahui is a crowdfunding restoration in the Eastern cloud forest of Ecuador. The land acquisition is by selling in advance of the 70%  of the cost of lodging services in the property itself per weeks. Backers will buy weeks of stay at the new lodging facility. Backers will have 1 week per year per to redeem their purchase. Each week cost $ 1.000


Direct Website Donation will fund the Reforestation Program

Become a backer of this forest restoration project to bring wildlife back.
Exclusive location with Biodiversity and easy accommodations to achieve a wide range of goals such as personal projects, teaching, hobbies or relaxing days.

 Conservation Program

  • For Personal Use
  • For Schools Programs
  • For Companies Programs

Forest Restoration from cattle grassfield into a WILDLIFE SANCTUARY is possible with your help.


The Cloud Forest Restoration Dream Sumaco Ñahui Project is between two (2) National Parks in Eastern Cloudforest in Ecuador.