Our Initial Projects

Sumaco Nahui
Sumaco Nahui

The Cloud Forest Restoration Dream of Sumaco Ñahui has a series of engaging Activities to get involved: Hands-on projects everyday!


Our reforestation Program consist in collective seed in natural conditions and taken to a plant nursery to later been planted directly in the project with local schools, and visitors and nackers. Everyone arrives here will plant a tree.

Wildlife Inventory

With daily scouting around the area to inventor birds using the Citizen Project of Cornell University E-bird, mammals using Inaturalist . all this are online database for the use of the online community.

Organic Farm

We build a organic farm to teach and farm our own food for the facility and local schools


We build small cottages with the facilities. In the beginning we will camp.

Education Programs

The local school will embrace environmental guidelines to live in community in sensitive areas with diversity of Life.


We build a website to maintained everyone inform about the progress of this dream.


The Community of Travellers, Tour guides, Partners and Friends always has been backing up our ideas to promote the conservation of Diversity of Life.


The Arts can expressed with its true meaning and accuracy when nature is around. Painting, Writing, Photography, Wildlife Video.


The Yoga will connect us back to roots, connect with Nature, healing our soul and pursuit happyness.