The Adventure of Becoming a Naturalist, my Early Days in the Field.

My name is Jarol Fernando; I had the fortune to be raised in different locations throughout the beautiful Country of South America: Ecuador.

Adventure is an easy game to catch with you in the Neotropics, all you need is to have a sense of curiosity for how Nature works and nobody would get bore in the forest.

Going back to my early day’s memories always brings me back again to those special moments I am about to share with you.

My early set of consciousness images come to my mind about the journey of Becoming a Naturalist,

I have a series of moving reflections, broken and moving flashes over the river surface, it came from the reflections of the lights from the other side,

this mysterious river lives within me, perhaps one day I will feel it again!

My first eloquent memories come from a tropical surrounding, the greenery in the background,

I was so concentrated in the motion of a moving canoe, that was the most beautiful thing I ever sought.

Remember having along with my Mom along a gravel road covered on dust left by cars, the scene was quite typical everywhere at that time.

The smell of Guayaba still encrusted under my skin, my Mom recalls it as strong experience, I was picking Guayabas next to coiled viper. Luckily enough mama was around, I was not meant to die that day.

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