~ A Cloudforest Restoration Dream in Eastern Ecuador!

I grew up in the lowlands in Eastern Ecuador, a small jungle town next to the headwater of the Mighty Napo River. At that time I remember the water was very cold, extremely cold for our understandas., we have to wait sitting on the big boulders just like any Phoebe, warming in the rocks surrounded by icy water that was coming from the Andes.

This was a long waited day ritual before we all kids plunge for hours until rushing water running down through the foothills, bringing tonnes of miles of sediments of ancient rocks, where steady deposit at every flow!

What a great set of memories from those days, our mammas would come to river take us back home for a warm meal and steady doses of responsibilities.

How can I forget about the nature of those memorable moments?

 Conservation became Conservation can be possible through Crowdfunding. Local ideas to protect Nature backed up by the international community.

The Eastern Cloudforest in Ecuador is one of the richest areas for biodiversity. The Sumaco National Park needs a bigger Buffer Zone to reduce the impacts of Anthropogenic activities.

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